Working principle of the waste water treatment process based on physical evaporation of waste water. As the result, apart from efficient treatment of waste waters, is a reduction of waste amount, and high quality treated water, that it’s possible to re-use and thus save the costs. Vacuum evaporators allow treatment of waste waters with high concentration of pollution as well as with a concentration of toxic components. The most frequent use of evaporators is in industry. Evaporator and its types –depending on capacity needed and concentration of pollution in waste waters. 


High quality of treated water, up to 98% of treatment efficiency

Recycling of treated water re-use in the process

Low energy consumption

Waste reduction

Compact design

Easy maintenance, available evaporator spare parts

No external heat source – evaporator uses it own heat energy

Resistance against fluctuations in flow or concentration of waste waters

 Comparison of annual costs for operation of evaporator and costs on waste disposal:

Calculation applies to operation with capacity of 2 500 m3 of waste water/year (calculation is done for illustration, in case of your enquiry, please, contact us)

 Waste disposal by authorized company Vacuum evaporator
Waste disposal 300 000 € 14 000 €
Water costs 9 520 EUR
320 €
Handling costs 4 400 EUR
3 920  €
Energy costs 0 € 17 500  €
Maintenance and spare parts
0 € 6 000  €
0 € 3 000  €
313 920 € 44 600 €

Saved costs in total: 269 320 EUR/year

Vacuum evaporator may save approximately 85% of the costs, comparing to disposal of waste by authorized company.

Calculated for the cost of waste disposal of 120 EUR/t

Cost of waste water treatment technology will be calculated by our technicians based on quantity and parameters of the inlet waste waters.