Wastewater treatment

Vacuum evaporators:

Effective and reliable processing of industrial waste waters. Saving of the costs and protection of the environment at the same time.


Steel tanks and constructions:

Steel and stainless steel products to last a lifetime. From design consultation and engineering to tank fabrication and installation.

Steel tanks and units

Turnkey solutions:

Customer – friendly solutions, reliable treatment systems, cost effective and professional. Our long term experience - a benefit for our customers

Projects, custom made solutions

Why AWT?

Complex solutions done by professionals

Modern philosophy of technology design

Interesting price policy

Latest projects:

  • Construction of Water treatment unit completed

    In November 2015 AWT completed construction of water treatment lines designed for recirculation of rinse water from plating plant and for demineralization of fresh water. Both lines comprised multiple purification steps. Sand filtration, active carbon treatment, followed by ion exchange - subsequent cation and anion exchange, and finally UV disinfection were implemented for rinse water treatment. Demineralization line comprised active carbon treatment, softening step, and reverse osmosis. Production lines are fully automated and controlled by a central PLC. The scope of delivery included storage tanks for untreated and clean water.

  • Vacuum evaporator EVA 25G installed on location

    Vacuum evaporation unit EVA 25G designed for treatment of highly corrosive waste water from chrome plating plant has been delivered, installed and started production on location. Initial runs with highly polluted corrosive waste water produced treated water of high quality with content of Cr and Cr(IV) markedly lower than the local limits for acceptable discharge or used back in production.

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